Revolving Cleaning Services

There are so many advantages to having regular house cleaning services in your Maple Valley home. Your residence not only stays cleaner, it allows for a consistent routine for you and your family. Having a clean home is having peace of mind as well as one less thing on your long list of to do’s. Studies show that the investment you make in proper home cleaning leads to better overall maintenance, and therefore, your home’s value. Now who doesn’t love a win-win like that!

With regular house cleaning services, our Maple Valley customers get the opportunity to build trusting relationships with our company and your assigned house cleaner, as well as having an established day and time reserved just for you. When life gets busy, consistency is key to achieving the results we desire, and house cleaning is no exception.

If you value your time and prioritize budgeting to keep your household in check, then Revolving Service is the way to go.

Number 1

Meet & Greet

Before starting service, we want to meet our customers personally. We look forward to building long-term, trusting relationships, and there is nothing better than meeting face to face. We want to know you, what your needs are, as well as understand the dynamics of your home fully. Starting off on the right foot is pivotal to building strong, lasting partnerships.

Number 2

Free In-Home Consultation & Quote

An appointment is booked to preview your home for our free, in-home consultation. The consultation lasts 15 minutes to 1 hour, depending on what the individual client needs. We want to be available to answer any questions and take necessary notes, so we can meet all our customers’ expectations completely.

Within 24 business hours we’ll provide you with an accurate written estimate of our house cleaning services for your Maple Valley home, ensuring the time and pricing structure fits your home, your needs and what was discussed during the consultation.

Number 3

Building your Client Database

Once approved, we begin work on creating a database for you, documenting any special needs or requirements for your home. Our notes include instructions for your pets, special areas that need extra attention or be avoided, and special cleaning products that may be helpful.

Clients will be sent our financial authorization form via electronic signature, which will allow for paperless billing. At the same time, we’ll send our engagement agreement, defining our companies’ policies and procedures, and giving customers complete transparency in writing. Customers will be required to fill out our new client intake form to ensure that all details are covered and reviewed as well. Download the New Client Intake Form here.

Customers will also want to review a copy of our Welcome Packet to prepare for service.

Number 4

Your First Cleaning & Going Forward

An initial cleaning will be scheduled with one of our experts, as well as a day, time and house cleaner for your revolving service plan.

Copies of all paperwork as well as a fresh copy of our welcome packet will be delivered to you in a tidy folder on your cleaning day. This is yours to keep for your records, and will have all the information regarding your service plan, payment and cancellation policies, etc. with us enclosed.

Customers will receive text and email reminders of all upcoming service appointments (clients can request to have notifications silenced), who the assigned house cleaner will be, arrival and departure time, and a paid invoice copy will be sent after each service is complete and payment is processed. Clients can also book and pay for extra services if time allows.

After the initial cleaning, we will follow-up with you to ask for feedback and to ensure your complete satisfaction moving forward.


Other Important Notes


Most importantly, we value our clients’ time and really listen to their needs. We believe in quality first, and a win-win philosophy in all that we do.

Our goal is to maintain long and healthy working relationships, have open and honest communication, and make our customers the happiest they can be.

Hours of Service

Revolving service packages are offered during regular business hours: Monday to Friday, 8am – 6pm.

We are closed on Saturdays, Sundays and all major holidays.


Our revolving service packages are offered weekly, bi-weekly and monthly.

We do not offer service packages every 3 weeks as this doesn’t permit consistency with our scheduling process.


Our Maple Valley professional home cleaners do our best to keep clients with their same preferred house cleaner. Considerations for change occur during holidays, employee vacations, when a new cleaning day is requested, or a cleaning is rescheduled. We always consider the dynamics of a home and do our best to match our clients to the right house cleaner.

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