Revolving Cleaning Services

There are so many advantages to having recurring weekly, bi-weekly and monthly house cleaning services. It not only allows for a cleaner home, but also provides a more consistent routine for both individuals and families. Having consistent service is having peace of mind and one less thing to worry about on that never-ending-to-do list. Studies show the investment made in proper home cleaning leads to better overall maintenance, and therefore increases a home’s value. Now doesn’t everyone in the Greater Maple Valley area deserve a win like that!

With recurring weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly house cleaning services, our Maple Valley customers get the opportunity to build trusting relationships not only with our company, but with the cleaning specialist we assign to their home. We always work with our customers to get the preferred day and time of their choosing, which is reserved just for them. We all enjoy having things in life we can count on, which is why we pride our company on offering our clients a consistent schedule, reducing stress for both our customers and our cleaners.

For those of us that value our time and prioritize budgeting to keep our households in check, then Consistent Revolving Cleaning Service is the way to go.

1. Meet & Greet

After initial contact by email or phone, and before the start of consistent revolving cleaning services, we want to meet our Maple Valley area clients personally. We look forward to building trusting relationships with those we are going to do business with, and there is no better way than meeting face to face. We want to know our customers and what’s important to them, in order to understand fully the dynamics of their home. Starting off on the right foot is pivotal in being able to address our customers” unique personal needs.

2. Free In-Home Consultation

An appointment is booked through our Maple Valley office to preview customer homes for consistent revolving residential cleaning services with our free, in-home consultation. The consultation only takes about 15 minutes. We allow for more time depending on the individual client’s needs. We want to be available to answer any questions, taking notes as we go, so we understand the full scope of work required to meet expectations.

3. Quote

Within 24 business hours our Maple Valley office will provide a written estimate sent by email, outlining the revolving cleaning services requested, and instructions on how we onboard new customers. We also include a copy of our welcome packet helping new clients navigate how to prepare for service. Customers then approve or decline the quote.


Once the estimate is approved, we have a streamlined system for onboarding new customers. Clients are sent through an email signature platform all the necessary forms.

Engagement Agreement
The engagement agreement outlines the terms of service, cost, frequency, and type of service we will be providing. This agreement provides complete transparency of all company policies and procedures, including the company cancellation policies. This agreement requires customer signature prior to any services performed. The customer receives a copy of the signed agreement.

Automatic Payment Authorization Form
The automatic payment authorization form requires customers to provide payment information which allows for paperless billing. We charge the authorized card for services performed, which generates a receipt directly to the customer’s email. This feature streamlines the payment processing and offers convenience and security to our customers, and our cleaners. We don’t accept payment through platforms like Venmo, PayPal, nor do we accept cash or check payments.

*For customers that want to tip their maid for their residential cleaning services, there is a space on the form to add the amount of their choosing. Tipping their cleaner directly is ok too. The customer receipt will show the tip amount on the invoice.

Client Intake Form
The client intake form must be completed prior to the start of service. This form allows the client to provide us with any additional details that may have been missed during the in-home consultation. This form helps ensure our Maple Valley office has all the pertinent information about the customer’s home so we can provide the most consistent cleaning service possible.


Once the onboarding paperwork is signed, we begin work on creating a database for our revolving service customers, documenting any special needs or requirements. The notes include instructions for pets, access information, required special cleaners, and outlines areas of the home that may require extra attention or need to be avoided to get the job done.


An initial cleaning is scheduled with one of our residential cleaning experts. Once the service is booked, we process a deposit fee of $50 applied to the service and this will hold the appointment. Subsequent cleanings will not require a deposit. The deposit is refundable only if the appointment is cancelled before the 3 business days cancellation period deadline.


After the first appointment we always follow-up with the new client to collect feedback. This helps our Maple Valley office to make any adjustments necessary for future appointments. We then assign a day, time, and house cleaner for the customer for the revolving weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly service they chose.

Revolving service customers receive text and email reminders of all upcoming house cleaning appointments indicating who their assigned house cleaner is and arrival and departure times.


Other Important Notes


First and foremost, we value our clients’ time and really listen to their needs. We believe in clear and open communication with all of our Greater Maple Valley clients.

Our goal is to create and maintain long flourishing relationships with our customers and transparency is key to instill confidence between the customer, our office staff, and their assigned house cleaner.

Hours of Service

Revolving service packages are offered during regular business hours: Monday to Friday, 8am – 6pm.

We are closed on Saturdays, Sundays and all major holidays.


Our consistent revolving service packages are offered for weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly service appointments only. We do not provide every 3-week revolving service appointments as this does not permit scheduling consistency with the same assigned professional cleaner.


Our scheduling coordinator in our Maple Valley office assign clients with their same preferred house cleaner as much of the time as possible. Schedule changes and substitute cleaners may occur surrounding major holidays, employee vacations, or if a new cleaning day is requested. We always consider the dynamics of each family when choosing the right housekeeper for our customers.

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