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At Upper Crust Cleaning Co., we care about our customers and the environment.
Transparency is important to us, so we want to share with our clients the quality
cleaning products we use in their homes.

Upper Crust cleaning products

Our staff are trained with a “less is better” approach, and we always do our best to use environmentally safe products as much as possible. Some of our cleaners are not green, but are necessary to use on occasion to eliminate some types of harmful bacteria, spores and the coronavirus.

We are continually evaluating new cleaners and products to bring our customers the best outcome possible with the least impact on our environment.

If there are products that may cause reactions or clients would like to incorporate products they like and keep on hand, we are happy to accommodate.

We also proudly use Shark® brand bagless vacuum cleaners that offer DuoClean technology. We maintain and prefer to use our vacuums whenever possible. The company will require the use of a client vacuum if their pet has regular accidents. We will use clients’ vacuums upon request, provided they are in good working order.
*We will not maintain or troubleshoot problems on customer vacuums.

For your convenience, we provide all cleaning supplies. Your cleaning fee includes the cost for the use of our quality cleaners, cleaning cloths, mops, buckets, brooms and vacuums.

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