Our offices are in beautiful Maple Valley, WA.  For a list of our service areas and a general map, please see Service Areas

Our offices are open Monday – Friday, 8am – 6pm. We are closed Saturdays, Sundays and all major holidays including New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, after 2pm Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  We are open on school and banking holidays, except those listed above.

In-home consultations are free and there is no obligation. Consultations take approximately 15 minutes to 1 hour, depending on your needs. For more information, see Revolving Cleaning Services.  In-home consultations are performed during regular office hours Monday – Friday 8am – 6pm.

Upper Crust Cleaning Co. proudly boasts a 5-star rating and welcome you, our prospective client to read our reviews on Google, Facebook and Yelp. Our clients have been doing business with us on average 7 years.  In addition, you can also take a sneak peek at who will be cleaning your home on our About Us page as well as read a short bio about each of our team members.

We provide all the necessary cleaners and tools to perform your cleaning service.  Our employees are well versed in our products to ensure the best possible outcome and level of performance.  We always go with a less is better approach and most cleaners are green and low VOC. There are times when we require more muscle to destroy dangerous mold and mildew spores in your home but do use these cleaners sparingly.

*We will use cleaners a customer requests and provides if it is within the regular scope of our service.

The company provides its own vacuum cleaners.  Our vacuums utilize HEPA filtration and are well maintained.  They not only do a great job on your carpets, but we carry floor attachments to clean your hard surfaces as well. See Our Cleaning Products for more details.

*We will use your vacuum upon request considering it is in good working order only.  We will not clean, maintain or troubleshoot problems on equipment other than our own. We will require the use of your vacuum if your pets have accidents.

You are assigned the same cleaner when you sign up for one of our revolving service plans. This creates accountability and allows for the development of a good working partnership.  We have found through experience that having one house cleaner rather than a team creates less errors.  “Too many cooks in the kitchen spoils the broth,” as they say!

*If you require last minute service, infrequent cleanings, or shift your cleaning day, we cannot guarantee a specific house cleaner.

Sometimes you and your assigned cleaner just don’t connect. While each of our team members are trained using the same protocol, all have their own strengths, weaknesses and personalities. There is always a learning curve, so many times issues can be resolved with the right communication. Whatever the case, if you aren’t happy, we aren’t happy. Please feel free to reach out when you are needing to communicate items of importance to you, no matter how big or small.  Contact us at or by phone: 425-433-6661. If the issue cannot be resolved, we will do our best to reassign you as quickly as possible with one of our other quality cleaners.

Please, let us know! We will take your request, no matter how big or small, resolve it, and then translate any pertinent information into our database created just for you, our client. We want to be able to meet your needs and the needs of all our clients individually and will add any requests or highlight problem areas for future reference.  If need be, we will address any problem areas with your assigned cleaner as well.

Please leave a note directly with your cleaner if it is last minute and you need to relay information about your service. Otherwise, you can reach us via email at within 24 business hours of service and we’ll be sure to relay the message.

*If the information relates to schedule changes, upcoming cleaning appointments or you need to cancel or change any service date, you must contact our office directly, not with your house cleaner.  Please see your Engagement Agreement for details.

There are several ways you can give us access.  A “loaner” key is the best way to ensure that we can enter your home securely. Issued keys are distributed to our house cleaners for service appointments only, otherwise, they are kept in safe storage at our office.  A hide-a-key, door code or garage code are some other options available if you aren’t comfortable issuing us a key.

*Please be advised that if your house cleaner is unable to gain access to your home on your confirmed cleaning day, a full cleaning fee will be charged so ensure that whatever method you chose, it is a no fail one. See your Engagement Agreement for details on cancellations/no show policies.

We are in the business of making your life easier, and so we have created a streamlined, paperless payment process for your convenience. We accept all major credit cards, as well as automatic bank transfer (ACH payments).

In order to use our paperless payment process, you will need to sign a financial authorization form prior to service. If you choose to pay by check or cash instead, payment is due on the date of service.

*Note that late fees apply in the event you forget to leave us a check or cash.  We must have the check or cash in hand when we leave.

*For one-time service appointments, a $50 advance deposit is required to hold the space and you will owe the balance when service is complete.

The dynamics of each family can be very different as well as surfaces in a home. Homes can vary based on whether you have pets, kids, clutter, hardwood floors, wood blinds, etc.  We consider many factors when estimating time and cost including additional services that may be added from our à la carte menu.  We create estimates based on the needs of each individual home rather than calculate by square feet or number of rooms.  See our Pricing page for more information on cost considerations.

Upper Crust Cleaning Co. imparts quality, consistency, builds trusting relationships, and offers peace of mind knowing that we are here for the long haul. We have served the community for nearly 20 years and our vast customer base has utilized our services on average 7 years. We hold a 5-star rating as well for our excellent customer service.

We are a modern cleaning company. We offer the convenience of text and email reminders, provide eco-friendly cleaning supplies, and offer paperless payments.

Upper Crust Cleaning Co. doesn’t cut corners to lower the cost of doing business.  We are licensed, bonded, and insured for our clients and employee’s protection.

Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority. If for any reason you are not happy with the thoroughness of our cleaning, contact our office at within 24 hours of our visit, and we will be happy to investigate the reason for your concern. Please note that we cannot assess cleanings more than 24 hours after our visit, so contact us right away. In your email, please include pictures or an itemized list of areas that still need attention.

After our investigation, we may, at our election, agree to send your cleaner back to correct any oversights free of charge. When your cleaner can fix oversights to meet your needs, it promotes accountability and increases the chances you will be satisfied in the future. If, and only if, the cleaner has fixed oversights and you are still unhappy with the thoroughness of the cleaning, we may offer a discount in services to win back your trust.

If we are providing you cleaning services on an hourly rate basis and for only a set number of hours, then your cleaner will only spend the agreed upon number of hours at your service location. If you do not reserve enough time, even with set priorities or having had prior service, then your cleaner may not be able to finish cleaning in the time allotted and reserved. We will generally make recommendations on the time needed for certain projects but will stick to a client’s reserved time when hourly services are booked.

We are closed Saturdays, Sundays and all major holidays including New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, after 2pm Christmas Eve and on Christmas Day.  We are open on most school and banking holidays.

Yes, we do! Give the gift of time to someone you love. You can purchase a gift certificate online and even present a lovely printed gift certificate to include with your purchase.

Please give two weeks’ notice at a minimum if you need to cancel a cleaning due to travel or having contract work scheduled for your home. An overview of our cancellation policies is listed in our Welcome Packet. For specific policies and associated fees, refer to your Engagement Agreement for details.

*For one-time specialized cleaning appointments, a $50 advance deposit is required for booking and is nonrefundable 72 business hours before scheduled service.

For acts of nature we will do our best to make it to your location if possible. There are many times no way of knowing until the day of service which areas will be affected with our diverse climate, but we will alert you as soon as possible if there is a problem.

*If your cleaner is already on site and power outages, plumbing mishaps, or other unforeseen events take place, no discounts are offered, and your full cleaning fee will be charged. We will not be obligated to reschedule to complete your service without additional fees. See your Engagement Agreement for details.

Your fee is based on the Revolving Service plan chosen and if a cleaning is skipped, more time is required on the next visit. If you have revolving service and need to cancel a cleaning appointment, no matter the reason, we will add a fee to cover the additional time and cleanup needed for your next scheduled visit. See your Engagement Agreement for details.

The best way to contact us is via email at or through our Contact page. Referrals can also call us at 425-433-6661 to schedule a free in-home consultation. Be sure to ask your referral to give us your name so you can cash in on our excellent Referral Rewards program!

You bet! We offer the most wonderful Referral Rewards Program. If you refer someone that signs up for our weekly or bi-weekly revolving service plans, we will credit you $50 in referral reward and for monthly plans, a $20 referral reward.

*Your referral must be a client for a two-month minimum for you to receive your reward. Referral Reward credits are mailed via USPS directly to you and can be applied to any scheduled cleaning. For non-client referrals, a visa gift card will be mailed via USPS after the two-month period.

At Upper Crust Cleaning Co., all our employees speak fluent English and are legal to work in the United States.

Yes, it will! When you have additional bodies in the home, visiting pets, and certainly any construction project, the amount of dust, dander and dirt increase. When you and your construction company make every effort to clean up after a project there is always still more for us to do. We review homes on an individual basis but be prepared for an increase in the time/cost it takes to clean while there are additional household activities occurring.

Every time! We even have text reminders to say when we are on our way! If adjustments need to be made to your schedule due to inclement weather, adverse traffic conditions, etc. we will alert you right away.

If you would like extra services from our a la carte menu performed, or have a special request, it is required you let us know well in advance.  Our employees have a set schedule and other clients to service. Advance notice allows us to schedule the extra time necessary and alert any other customers to changes in arrival/departure times. See our à la carte pricing for all the abundant extras that can be added to your service appointment.

Our employees are trained to put items back in their place. If it is an issue however, simply contact us via email at or call 425-433-6661 and we will add a note to your database reiterating its importance and priority.

No; please see our Service Referrals to help you find the right company for the job!

Yes; we will wash your interior windows. No exterior, high or hard to reach windows (requiring ladders over 6 ft).

The health and safety of our customers is our highest priority during this time. Upper Crust Cleaning Co. wants to let our regular customers know the steps we have been taking to protect both our employees and our customers and their homes. Remember we are licensed, bonded, and insured in Washington state and are mandated to set guidelines set forth by the State, the U.S. Federal Government, and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

Precautions that we are taking include:

  • Educating employees about coronavirus and how to prevent transmission, and the employer’s COVID-19 policies.
  • We ask all employees not to come to work if they are sick, or to immediately go home if they feel or appear sick.
  • We ask all clients to contact us to reschedule their cleaning if they are sick.
  • We ask all employees and clients to keep social distancing parameters in place (minimum 6 ft).
  • All employees are provided shoe covers.
  • All employees are provided both surgical and cleaning gloves.
  • All employees are provided with a new Swiffer® for each home.
  • All employees are provided with hand sanitizer.
  • All our cleaning rags and mop covers are bleached every day, and only freshly cleaned, bleached rags and mop covers are allowed into any home.


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